Friday, February 5, 2010

The Active Sun?

Before I get on to the subject, it's been a little over three months since I've posted here. Been busy.

Anyway, much has happened since 30 October 2009. In the middle of November, "Climategate" burst onto the scene even in the midst of alarmist ramp up to Copenhagen. While the media in the UK eventually caught on and are now in full cry, the media in the US, ever careful to protect their creation "The Obamasiah" from potential harm, ignore the story. Or rather stories that have popped up fast and furious since the beginning of "Climategate."

Let's see. We started with "Climategate" which led into the Copehagen failure. This was followed by "Glaciergate", "Amazongate", "Disastergate", "Greenpeacegate", "World Wildlife Fund Gate", "Climbing Gate", and “New York Times Gate", just to name the headliners. Of couse most of the IPCC related "gates" could be lumped under "non-peer reviewed-violation-of-their-own-rules-gate."

It's been a bad three months for Warmistas. Their case is crumbling, but the US media ignores the story. Why? Because the Obamasiah and his cabal are still pushing their green fantasies and economy-destroying CO2 limiting agenda. So we can't possibly offer any counter-testimony that might make "The One" look bad, can we? So in the US the nonsense alarmist stories continue.

The other day I was told by someone I work with that the sun was really ramping up. That's what he heard on "National Socialist Radio" (NPR) or some such. Ok, but here's what's really amusing. While the sun was truly active, the Warmistas claimed that it didn't matter. Then the sun went quiet and strange things started happening. You could just hear them every time the Solar Flux started climbing again, cheering. You see, they really knew better all along.

In January the Solar Flux hit its high point of the current cycle at 94, but then quickly dropped back down to around 74. And yet, with the Solar Flux in the low 70s and hardly any sun spots...still...the news story was about the sun ramping up.

Well, here's the sun just a few days ago from NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory:

Compare that to October 2003:

Or to March 2001:

Seems to me that some people are really stretching to find a "warming" story.

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